The hype that surrounded blockchain-based play-to-earn games in 2021 has largely dissipated, and here are three projects that are still pushing the envelope. In 2021, blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming had its breakout year.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem changes, the P2E gaming sector will need to consider its next steps. After the hype has officially receded, developers and investors will need to step up their efforts to create new value propositions that can drive continuous growth.

P2E Ecosystem Trends To Watch for in 2022

  1. Profit-Sharing Communities

The first trend to watch in 2022 is the creation of profit-sharing communities that are powered by nonfungible tokens. These projects aim to provide investors with an opportunity to participate in the gaming industry without being restricted by their financial situation.

Players can earn rewards based on their gameplay, while the investors will be able to earn some of the profits. One example of this is Yield Guild Games, a decentralized community that lets players earn in-game currency.

The DAO is a decentralized organization that generates revenue by selling NFT assets or renting them out to gamers. The most recent investment for Yield Guild Games was made in the Seed Round of Heroes of Mavia.

  1. Educational Support Communities

Another trend that's emerging is educational support communities that aim to educate gamers on how to make money through gameplay. Due to the complexity of blockchain-based gaming, it can be a challenging environment for new players.

One project that's trying to simplify the process is Merit Circle. It's a DAO that aims to provide gamers with an income-generating platform. With 2,750 active gamers globally, Merit Circle is already making headway in simplifying the gaming process.

Similar to YGG, the Merit Circle ecosystem allows gamers to earn rewards through community-held assets. Through their educational content, Merit Circle's users have earned over $2 million through gameplay.

  1. DeFi combines with P2E Gaming and NFTs

The third trend in 2022 is the creation of funds that combine the decentralized finance of DeFi with NFTs and P2E gaming. NFTs are also capable of serving various purposes, such as for real estate and art. As blockchain technology continues to gain widespread adoption, more real-world items will be recorded on distributed ledgers, making it easier for investors to find them.

BlackPool is a project that aims to become a leading provider of digital asset derivatives. Through the development of its DAO, BlackPool has decided to decentralize its operations, which will allow its token holders to manage all of the assets.