Though heading to the supermarket to buy a few everyday items with cryptocurrency remains a vexing proposition, new technology promises to provide account holders to to precisely that. Even better, the company behind this innovation believes that merchants will find the process as convenient as shoppers.

According to representatives from FuzeX, the firm's smart eCard facilitates the storage of up to 10 credit or debit cards, five store reward accounts and up to 15 distinct cryptocurrency accounts in a single location. The eCard is equipped with buttons designed to help users select the desired account for a given purchase. An up-to-the-minute balance readout for that account will be provided, assuring users that sufficient funds exist at the necessary time.

The FuzeX eCard has a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of 45-60 days between charges.

FuzeX asserts that their eCard comes with a range of new security elements that distinguish the product from conventional cards. One such feature is the ability of the eCard to be locked in the event a Bluetooth link to the user's FuzeX wallet becomes inactive. Further, the eCard's data can be remotely erased if the card is stolen or misplaced. The FuzeX wallet gives users the capacity to view the locations in which the card has been used and also to exchange, send and receive cryptocurrency.

The company behind the eCard indicates that the concept has been thoroughly vetted and implemented, with over 20,000 of the tools already sold and shipped. The card's makers argue that the unique elements of its product will make it difficult for competitors to rival its success. FuzeX has asserted that it has the only card of its type that offers more than just cryptocurrency functionality and does not require users to prepay.

Exchange Listings Continue

FuzeX has completed its initial offering of coins, stating that FXT tokens are usable for FuzeX charges as well as the nominal annual membership costs involved. While membership fees can be paid with alternative cryptocurrencies, the use of FXT is rewarded with discounts.

Thus far, four different cryptocurrency exchanges have listed FXT tokens, and these include COSS, HitBTC, Livecoin and the Cobinhood exchange based in Taiwan.