With the ups and downs of Bitcoin - and debate about its true value at even its highest highs, establishing the Winklevoss twins' net worth is a complex conundrum. From one second to the next, valuations of their digital assets can swing their combined overall net worth by millions of dollars.

Furthermore, the anonymity of cryptocurrency adds another layer of confusion to the topic. The twins once bragged that they owned 1% of all Bitcoin in circulation (early 2016). That would equate to about 1.5 million Bitcoins, but the top five accounts around the world only amount to about 510,000 Bitcoins, so 99 Crypto suggests that this boast was merely hyperbole. Regardless, their Bitcoin treasure trove is significant.

What we know for certain is that the Winklevoss brother made an $11 million investment into Bitcoin when it was trading at $120 in roughly 2013. Though we are unsure of additional purchase since that initial investment, their initial investment is worth roughly $1.25 billion at the time of this article (with Bitcoin trading at $13,900 right now).

Based only on the initial investment, we can estimate that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss remain billionaires as long as Bitcoin is over $10,910.

The Winklevoss Twins have a net worth of at least $1.25 billion in Bitcoin (combined) as of 12/31/2017, though we suspect the true number to be higher due to other investments in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and beyond.

At this time, we would like to point out that the infamous creator of Bitcoin, alias Satoshi Nakamoto, owns at least $1 million Bitcoins, with a net worth of $13.9 billion today.