While we can all agree that most Wall Street investors are still waiting on the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve one of the various Bitcoin ETF applications filed in recent years, some institutional investors have chosen to enter the cryptocurrency market through custody services. We are talking about institutions that have taken this opportunity to take Bitcoin positions and have been investing the proceeds in other securities to support a variety of fund-building activities.

Gemini has become the platform of choice for institutional investors in need cryptocurrency custody services. This platform is part of the digital currency empire founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the early Facebook investors who wisely converted their wealth into Bitcoin tokens more than five years ago. The amount of funds currently held in custody by Gemini recently surpassed $25 billion, which means that its holdings have more than doubled this year.

Without a doubt, the market rally that Bitcoin has been enjoying since 2020 has attracted more asset managers to Gemini. Some of the platform's clients currently include the likes of CI Global Asset Management, Eaglebrook, and BlockFi. The trading volumes on Gemini have surpassed $350 million on a daily basis.

There is no question that strict adherence to regulatory compliance is an aspect that has greatly contributed to the success currently enjoyed by Gemini. The operational security that Gemini's developers and legal partners have been able to build have greatly paid off at a time when some market analysts believe that ETF approvals are just around the corner.

With all the above in mind, it should be noted that Gemini is providing a crucial service to the world of digital currency trading. Institutional investors are the greater contributors of liquidity to the cryptocurrency market, and they also bring an important feeling of legitimacy at a time when the entire world is paying attention to the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major tokens. Portfolio managers are increasingly convinced that digital currencies have great potential in terms of providing diversity to their holdings, and this will continue to benefit the bottom line of platforms such as Gemini.