Facebook Plans To Win Over Regulators in Regards to Libra This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in a conference call to investors, insisted that the company had changed and that it would no longer release products without warning. He further insisted that Libra will not launch until all regulatory issues have been resolved. This could be mean that the digital currency may not launch in 2020 as planned.

Facebook Must Win Over Customers in Regards to Libra, Too Even if Facebook resolves issues with regulators in regards to Libra, it might have a bigger problem: consumers. According to a new U.S. poll, only 2% of people in the country trust Libra more than Bitcoin. A different poll conducted in Germany found that only 12% of people there have a positive opinion about Libra.

A Bad Week for Tron Founder Justin Sun Earlier this week, Tron Founder Justin Sun had to deny accusations that people were using his company's currency for money laundering, illegal fundraising, gambling and adult videos. That same day, he had to deny rumors that the Chinese government was preventing him from leaving the country. To top this all off, he later in the week postponed his planned lunch with famed cryptocurrency-skeptic Warren Buffet, citing a problem he was having with kidney stones.

Bitcoin Prices Fall Below $10,000 Bitcoin earlier this week fell below the $10,000 mark before recovering slightly above this mark. But at the end of the week prices again tumbled below $10,000 after a $800 price drop on Saturday. At the same time, though, it was reported that nearly 4 billion Bitcoins have been left untouched for 5 years, which is an all-time record.

Iranian Government Might Recognize Both Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Iran could soon recognize Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Government officials want to do this so to boost tax revenue, fearful that all the digital currencies mined within the country's borders were leaving the country. It has been reported that, because of the country's cheap electric rates, it has recently become a popular location for cryptocurrency miners.