J.K. Rowling, who is the author of the famed Harry Potter series, asked for an explanation of what Bitcoin is. She did this on Twitter, and the result was a lot of commentary from the cryptocurrency world. She said that it started out as a joke, but now she is afraid she will never be able to go to Twitter again without somebody getting annoyed about her not owning Bitcoin.

The exchange took place on Twitter on May 15. Rowling added that some day, people will see a wise old lady in the street, trying to trade a Harry Potter book for a potato. She tried to understand. Please be kind to her.

It seemed like the whole cryptocurrency world arrived to comment on her Twitter page. People from all over the world commented on her tweet. One of them was Vitalik Buterin, who is the creator of Ethereum. Cryptocurrency author Saifedean Ammous offered Rowling a copy of his book for more information. A past writer from Forbes, who now has her own podcast pointed Rowling to an episode of her show. This is Laura Shin.

A cryptocurrency YouTube channel owner and programmer, called Ivan on Tech, added that Rowling might feel jealous that she did not buy into the asset early and make money on it. Elon Musk commented, telling Rowling that Bitcoin is a good alternative against the government's current actions of "printing money," in the words of Musk. It is worth noting that Musk only owns 0.25 Bitcoins.

Rowling said it all still sounds confusing to her. She did add that she may have had a few adult beverages while reading others' comments about Bitcoin. On the morning of May 16, the day after the hubbub, Rowling said that she cannot and will not ever understand Bitcoin, but she thanked everybody who tried to help her. Apparently, a fake J.K. Rowling account made a Bitcoin purchase during the middle of this.

Cryptocurrency is still a small segment of the short-term investment arena. Those who participate in it are often thrilled when a public figure comments about it.