ONE(Harmony) Sets Off an Exciting Rally These days, the eyes of the crypto market are on ONE, also referred to as Harmony. Although ONE's value hovered around less than a dime just a few short weeks ago, it quickly shot up to a whopping 21 cents on September 9. With the trading volume eclipsing almost three-fourths of a billion dollars, it is obvious that crypto enthusiasts believe in ONE's potential. Like many other desirable crypto investments, ONE was created to solve a whole host of issues.

A New Fund Sparks a Great Deal of Interest Although ONE had already attracted attention from the community, it took a new project announcement to drum up this major excitement. On Twitter, the company released the all-important information that intrigued investors. By pumping $300 million into the new fund, ONE hopes to encourage 10,000 "builders" who want to see the project rise.

Building a Bridge: How Partnerships Are Contributing to ONE's Success Although the huge investment is definitely fueling some of Harmony's success, some would argue that new partnerships are responsible for the skyrocketing price of ONE. Prior to the price pumping, ONE had announced that it would be partnering with Anyswap. Now, a BTC bridge to ONE will transform the possibilities. However, market watchers cannot discount the optimism generated by Muti-million dollar investments. This kind of excitement is not unique to ONE right now; those who have been following ALGO's progress recently have probably noticed similar trends. In fact, ALGO's recent fund announcement was for the exact same sum as ONE — $300 million.

DeFi Ecosystems and More For those who truly believe in the power of the blockchain — and aren't just trying to make a quick buck — the growth of ONE has been very exciting. However, even those who are in it for the fast money have also been profiting from the crypto market’s interest. In the coming months, it won’t be surprising if prices skyrocket even more.