Egretia, a company based in Singapore, is currently attempting to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine by combining the technology of HTML5 with blockchain. The team believes that it will increase the popularity of blockchain apps across the globe.

HTML5 requires rapid development and new hardware for mass adoption. The technology is currently used in marketing, video, media, games, and multiple other industries since problems like traffic or performance have been corrected. HTML5 allows for new business models in apps, where it has become more common with 47 percent of mobile users currently using apps with HTML5. The largest profit for businesses is with in-app purchases instead of advertising. In-app purchases account for 68 percent of revenue. Combining these ideas with HTML5 can drastically increase profit.

Developers can create new opportunities combining the technologies, says Peter Huang, founder of Egretia. He noted that the technology seems too early, but it is promising for the future. Companies such as Facebook and Google already utilize it in their apps, a sign that the market demand already exists.

HTML5 offers benefits that older platforms don’t, such as the ability to click a link and play a game without downloading an app. Users can share the link with friends so they can play too. Egretia credits the increased usage with apps going viral. Blockchain apps could become more popular and gain millions of users.

Egret Technology, Egretia’s partner, has spent the last four years focused on HTML5 powered options. To date, they’ve developed 14 products including a visual editor and animation tools. They released Catch the Crazy Cat in 2014, which was the first game on Wechat using HTML5. Within three days, over 100 million users played.

Blockchain with HTML5 will allow one billion mobile devices and 200,000 developers to capitalize on the technology. Developers can utilize the unique currency, Egreten, in their own games. The team at Egretia includes veterans in the industry, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs. Peter Huang, the founder, has 18 years of experience with game projects and internet applications. He was formerly a technical manager of the Adobe Flash Platform.