Jeffrey Sprecher, who is the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), recently expressed confidence in the survival of cryptocurrencies. Sprecher spoke at the Consensus Invest conference in New York City, and he said — in response to a newspaper headline that read "Will digital assets survive?" — the answer was a definitive yes. He also said that cryptocurrency prices were not relevant to the discussion of its survival. Also speaking at the conference was Kelly Loeffler. Not only is she Sprecher's wife but she is also the CEO of a digital currency platform called Bakkt, which is owned by ICE and is expected to begin operations sometime next year. Bakkt plans to offer Bitcoin futures trading, and Loeffler said that the platform will help Bitcoin traders set what she called a "trusted price." She believes that it will be a solution to the problem of Bitcoin trading at different prices at different (and often unregulated) exchanges. Both ICE and the NYSE (which is a subsidiary of ICE) have been proactive in regards to digital currencies. ICE has collaborated with a blockchain company called Blockstream to bring accurate Bitcoin pricing to Wall Street investment houses. It plans to gather trading data from 15 leading cryptocurrency exchanges and deliver it to a variety of financial players, such as hedge funds. Last spring, ICE announced that it would offer future contracts that would result in traders directly owning Bitcoin. Under this scenario, a bank could buy a contract, which is also known as a swap. Then, when the contract settles the next day, the client would own Bitcoin. All this would further be done through the backing of ICE. In related news, today the Association for Digital Asset Markets was established in order to create what they call a "code of conduct" for the digital currency industry. Among the founders of this association is Duncan Niederauer, who is the former CEO of the NYSE. Other members include cryptocurrency merchant bank Galaxy Digital (which was founded by Mike Novogratz), BTIG, GSR and Paxos.