Over the last two years, decentralized finance (DeFi) projects have provided some of the best investing and trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Since then, many of these platforms have added stablecoins to their core feature set and expanded on the use cases for smart contracts on the blockchain. DeFi side chains that augment the Ethereum network have been instrumental in keeping it competitive; this alone is a good reason to invest in DeFi tokens, but traders need to look at other aspects in order to make sound investing decisions.

If you are a seasoned cryptocurrency investor who has been following the DeFi trend since the beginning, then you should understand what will make the top DeFi coins worth a closer look. While the top DeFi coins include projects that use Ethereum side chains, they have their own distinct use cases. If you want to dive deep into these projects and understand their underlying use cases, you’ll need to look at other metrics.

The DeFi sector is evolving faster than other segments of the crypto market. Most people do not know what DeFi projects are out there and they rely on social media. The best traders look at projects that will have a long-term impact on the market. To assess which decentralized finance projects are worth looking into, the DfD metric is highly recommended. DfD is a DeFi index that measures the stability and decentralized status of tokens within the DeFi sector. While the index looks at the price, transaction volume, and stablecoins on any given day, the main goal is to help traders and investors find the best DeFi tokens.

Another metric that is useful to DeFi investors is the new DeFi Index published by major exchanges such as Coinbase. This is a metric that looks at the different DeFi projects. It was created by researchers from Cornell University and Chainlink. The DeFi Index is useful to see how different projects are being used and whether or not the markets are starting to gravitate to specific DeFi use cases.

Naturally, active traders will look at price more than anything else. Once you know what DeFi coins are worth your time and attention, you can easily navigate through the market and choose the ones you find most promising.