Over the past few weeks, layer-one solutions, such as Solana and Cosmos, have become more prominent. Analysts believe this is due to each of these networks maintaining fast connection times and low fees compared to Ethereum. There's a bigger focus on layer-two solutions that could help Ethereum keep competitors away while it tries to switch to proof-of-stake in its operations. One project that has seen its user activity rise and transaction numbers grow is Polygon. It's platform where Ether can be scaled. It's also for developing infrastructure.

Since Matic dropped to a low of $0.26 on April 18, it went back up again to $0.39. Analysts think this move is due to the expansion of the layer-two platform. In February, the announcement about the Matic network's rebranding to Polygon triggered a boost in project adoption and user numbers. The rebrand also resulted in more NFTs and DeFi projects going to the network. Some of the most significant projects include OpenSea, Curve Finance and Sushi Swap.

The end of the growth is not in sight. On March 31, AAVE said that it was considering Polygon for new scaling options. It launched a layer-two solution that reached $1 billion in liquidity within 10 days. Decentralized exchanges are responsible for a lot of the cryptocurrency growth over the past 12 months. One exception is Sushi Swap. Quick Swap also saw big and fast gains, which started in late February. Those gains are consistent with its move to Polygon.

The growth in activity on the decentralized platforms is also partly due to the increase in projects that are set up on Polygon. According to the platform's Twitter feed, some of the new integrations include Umbrella Network, Gelato Network and IoTeX. In the future, market watchers expect that more Ethereum-based projects will be in search of a low-fee, fast environment that makes it easy to stay up-to-date on smart contracts. If they go to Polygon, there is an upside for future growth. The rise of TVL and Quick Swap are good reminders that it's a solid layer-two option that should be given serious investor consideration.