DeFi Gaming Is Hotter Than Ever In the past few months, a lot of factors have converged to make decentralized gaming even more attractive than it already was. After all, people have been saying for a long time that DeFi (decentralized finance) gaming possesses an extraordinary amount of potential. Now, in 2021, there is the actual evidence that this is the case. Based in the blockchain, Aavegotchi makes use of DeFi, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and play-to-earn gaming. Blended together, all of these elements are creating blockchain magic. The Aavegotchi token (GHST) has skyrocketed from $1.56 all the way up to $2.40 — over the period of less than a month. Even by crypto standards, GHST's rise has been meteoric.

The Power of Partnering Up The team behind Aavegotchi understands that strategic partnerships are going to get decentralized gaming going in a whole new way. Working with gaming guilds has permitted Aavegotchi to meet gamers where they are at. After all, there is no better way to know what gamers want and need than to work with them directly. In general, the blockchain community truly wants to see decentralized gaming to succeed. But it's not just the blockchain niche that is bullish about Aavegotchi. Surprisingly, it has received support from traditional hedge funds as well. The fact that Aavegotchi's appeal is so universal is definitely a good indicator of what may come in the future.

The Main Factor Driving Growth These days, one cannot read about ‘Gotchiverse’ land auctions without seeing something about Gotchiverse land auctions. People who want to build realms are eagerly hanging on to each new bit of news coming from Aavegotchi's Twitter. Not even a day into the first land auction, Aavegotchi's social team was marveling about the statistics. With a whopping $60 million worth of tokens being bid, it's easy to see why they have been so excited. Indeed, it seems as though Aavegotchi just may be opening up an entire new world for both gamers and investors alike.