Bitcoin is still hovering near the $7,000 mark after a good week. It increased by 10 percent in value. However, the news is not as good at Candor is a site that lists all of the jobs lost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has a story that Roger Ver is going to lay off half of his employees. Ver claimed this is a rumor.

Jamie Dimon, who is the JP Morgan Chase CEO, had praise for the federal government's $2 trillion stimulus from the CARES Act. He thinks the United States is headed into a recession.

Several cryptocurrency firms, including BitMex, Binance and Tron are hoping that a judge will dismiss their lawsuit that they sold tokens in securities that were not properly registered. The Fintech attorney thinks the lawsuit will proceed. The court already postponed the sentencing of convicted felon Ignatov, who ran a Ponzi scheme out of OneCoin.

The federal government is starting to look more kindly on blockchain. The Government Accountability Office, which is an auditing body, has posted two jobs for the development of a prototype blockchain app for developing a digital ledger. Digital bank Chime is working with the federal government for faster delivery of stimulus checks.

Vitalik Buterin, who is the co-creator of Ethereum, has made his annual worst bull and bear BTC predictions. At the top of his list of incorrect bull predictions is John McAfee. Economist Nourel Roubini is also bad at making these predictions. He thought that Bitcoin was heading for zero. Blockchain might have solutions for online meeting rooms, such as Zoom, that have security faults. Russian authorities have already made arrests in an online gang that sold counterfeit rubles for cryptocurrency.

Rune Christensen, who is one of the founders of the Maker protocol, recently explained MakerDAO’s problems. He says the Maker Foundation’s job is not to make rules. Instead, its place is to do what the community wants.

For a little bit of good news, is getting rid of its usual 3.5 percent credit card fee on cryptocurrency purchases for three months.