CoinMarketCap, also known as CMC, is one of the leading cryptocurrency price-tracking websites, and it recently removed the website from its page dedicated to Bitcoin, or BTC. While the move came without an official announcement from CMC, it was apparently done in response to allegations that the site was promoting Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, over actual Bitcoin. is the secondary website used by Bitcoin, with their primary site being located at

CMC now only links to on their page for Bitcoin., the site that was just removed, was founded by Roger Ver, a major investor in the world of cryptocurrency and one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin Cash. uses a cryptocurrency wallet that is capable of working with both BCH and BTC accounts, but BCH is the default choice.

With Bitcoin Cash as the primary option for the platform, BTC remains the secondary option, but it's called 'Bitcoin Core', which is a bit misleading since that is also the name of the Bitcoin software client. This was the foundation for the lawsuit that would make the claim that the site was designed to promote users to buy BCH over BTC using methods that weren't exactly honest or even clear. However, the lawsuit would never actually be filed due to a lack of funds.

It appears that CMC has removed the website from their BTC page in an effort to show solidarity with the fact that and seem to promote separate cryptocurrencies at this point.

One ex-Wall Street executive gave his two cents on the issue through Twitter. Michael Novogratz gave his feelings in a response to a tweet from the account @Bitcoin, which promotes Bitcoin Cash. In the response, Novogratz states that Bitcoin is the stronger cryptocurrency and holder of value. The fact is that BTC dwarfs the market share for BCH and shows no signs of falling behind any time soon. Of course, the CEO of, which backs BCH, continues to claim that BCH is actually the stronger currency, but he does so based on no apparent data.