A quiet cryptocurrency market remains in effect these days. Cryptocurrencies haven't posted major gains or losses in recent weeks. For now, 2019 looks to maintain the overall trend of 2018, which means cryptocurrencies are stuck in a holding pattern. Most instances of gains are met with losses soon after, and vice versa. Developments on individual cryptocurrencies continue to come and go, but none of these developments have led to major gains. Bitcoin remains stuck under $3,500 and hasn't been over $5,000 in weeks. XRP currently hovers around $0.30, and Ethereum has managed to stay above $100.00 in value. For better or worse, other cryptocurrencies have hugged a tight range of values over the past few days. A handful of cryptocurrencies have managed to post decent gains. Nonetheless, the market is more quiet than investors would like, even as developments continue on individual coins. Ethereum has experienced notable hard forks in 2019 already. Various companies are attempting to bring Bitcoin investing products into the mainstream with SEC approval. In fact, Wisconsin reportedly wants to make Bitcoin a valid form of legal tender. The developments keep coming, yet nothing is setting the cryptocurrency markets on fire. Overall market performance may maintain this holding pattern for the foreseeable future. It's been over a year since most cryptocurrencies hit astronomical all-time highs. A combination of factors caused the market to crash. Unfortunately, nothing but periods of stagnant performance have stopped the freefall. Some cryptocurrencies have fallen over 80% from their all-time high value. Nobody could call cryptocurrencies dead yet, although the markets haven't been able to build any upward momentum in the past year or so. Long-term the markets continue to move downward at a slow creep. In recent weeks, most cryptocurrencies have posted meager gains. It remains to be seen if any cryptocurrency can break out of the market rut and gain noticeable value. However, a few coins posting surprise gains could cause the entire market to move upward. Investors haven't seen a major market boost in quite some time, though. Nobody is quite sure where the markets are headed in the long run.