The cryptocurrency market has taken the globe by storm in recent years. The rapid and significant rise in some currencies such as Bitcoin has led many investors and analysts to believe that the market is the next major bubble that will eventually pop. The widening gap between market value and intrinsic value has only served to fan the flames of bubble talk, and these currencies could potentially see a significant repricing in the months or years ahead. It is important to keep in mind, however, that not all bubbles are created equal. The financial media has become to use the term more loosely, and not all markets discussed are actually in "bubble" territory. Given the rapid ascent in cryptocurrencies in the last year or two, the market has drawn the attention of investors and analysts alike who have drawn some significant parallels to the Dot-Com bust of the early 2000s. The declines seen in Bitcoin and some other major currencies in recent months has fueled further talk of a bubble and made the similarities between the Dot-Com era and the current digital currency era even more significant. Dot-Coms and Cryptocurrency Bubbles The simplest way to explain a market bubble is that it involves a significant difference between market value and intrinsic value. In other words, market speculators and other participants drive prices higher to levels that may not be justified from a fundamental standpoint. Why bubbles occur is not entirely known, although they can occur when investors see what they feel is the "next big thing" and jump on board in droves. Looking back at the Dot-Com bust, for example, investors had gotten overly excited about new technologies and innovations coming to market. This level of excitement drove a significant and often rapid rise in valuations that was not sustainable from a fundamental point of view. Eventually, the laws of supply and demand fueled a significant market correction that saw many tech and internet company valuations decline by double-digit percentages. Are Cryptocurrencies the Next Major Bubble? Although there are some key similarities between the Dot-Com bust and modern cryptocurrency markets, the commonalities between the two do not necessary indicate a bubble. Cryptocurrency valuations have already begun to sort themselves out, and will perhaps begin a more sustainable upward trajectory once the current correction period is over.