The bloodbath of the crypto market may be over as its entire market capitalization is making a comeback. Considering that there had been massive sell-offs earlier in the week, it has now maintained a market cap of over $220 billion. There are also over $16 billion in daily transactions in all areas of the crypto market. This recovery may be mostly due to the recent acceptance of blockchain technology by government regulatory agencies and large companies. For example, the Austrian government invested a large sum of money into issuing bonds on the Ethereum blockchain. SEBA Crypto AG also has millions invested in order to start up a fully-featured bank. Goldman Sachs is also investing millions into a blockchain payment platform. There are further rumors that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will make bigger waves into Wall Street and other financial tech hubs. Ethereum is off to a slow recovery after such a massive crash. It has already gained 2-percent value this week and 6-percent over the past day. Of course, there is still uncertainty for its future as the tokens and initial coin startups have lost their thunder for cryptocurrency startups. What is most impressive is Ripple's ability to once again gain traction in the market. It is up by a few percentage points in just one day and has already increased by 60-percent in the past month. Recent investment and big headlines lately have likely been the cause of this sort of growth. We cannot leave out Bitcoin, which is always the focal point of the crypto market. While seeing record lows this year, it has reached a point of stability above the $6,700 mark. There is a slight decrease in market dominance this week, although most of the market has been absorbed by Bitcoin this year. Let's also not forget about Bitcoin's little brothers, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Litecoin has over 10-percent in growth in just one day, which is amazing since it had suffered so much this year. Bitcoin Cash also saw similar gains and remains as a competitive coin in the top five of Coin Market Cap.