Just a few days before Americans stay home to celebrate Thanksgiving under coronavirus pandemic restrictions, here are a few digital currency news events that defined the week:

Binance Exchange Platform Files Lawsuit Against Forbes

Two financial journalists and the Forbes financial news publication are now the respondents of a civil complaint filed by Binance. Alleged libel is at the heart of the lawsuit; the exchange platform claims that an article published by the online magazine is tantamount to defamation because it suggests that Binance operates a complicated scheme to profit from operations in the United States without having to face regulatory oversight or taxation. The lawsuit was filed in New Jersey, and it is one of various presented by Binance in relation to what the Hong Kong company considers to be libelous; however, legal analysts believe that the case will not get very far. At any rate, Binance has a notorious track record of lacking transparency with regard to corporate registration.

SEC Shows Benevolent Side

On the surface, it may appear as if the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is always eager to pounce when cryptocurrency development teams that offer their tokens to the public, but this was not the case with VCOIN this week. VCOIN is a token attached to a social network, and its core development team recently received a nice letter from the SEC explaining that no action will be taken because VCOIN does not fall under the unregistered securities category. The public nature of this letter should be helpful to token developers whose projects do not intend to obtain funding from initial coin offerings. Cryptocurrency market analysts see this developments as a sign that the SEC could be starting to soften its stance with regard to digital currencies.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Shows the Dark Side of Web Tracking

Cryptocurrency holders who use web-based wallets and exchanges have a right to know if their online interactions are being tracked, and this is at the heart of a new initiative being promoted by the EFF. The American Civil Liberties Union will be part of this project, which intends to educate the public about the risks associated with behavioral marketing.