In a somewhat surprising development, Yahoo Finance recently introduced cryptocurrency trading on its platform. Users can now buy and sell three cryptocurrencies on the website. Large Buy and Sell buttons are now found in the listings for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The feature is now live for all users of Yahoo Finance and is a positive development for cryptocurrencies in general. Yahoo Has Fancied Cryptocurrencies In The Past Various entities within Yahoo have shown an interest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. For instance, Yahoo Japan wanted to purchase a 40% stake in a Tokyo Exchange earlier this year. Now the company will open its own exchange sometime after April 2019. Companies stand to earn a hefty profit based on which side of the cryptocurrency area they stand on, whether they support these assets or spurn them. Yahoo Welcomes Some Cryptocurrencies (But Not All) Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin will remain the only supported currencies on Yahoo Finance for the time being. There are no indications the website will support more cryptocurrencies in the immediate future. At the moment, major assets like Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS have been ignored altogether. The next year should see more currencies introduced on the platform, if everything goes well from here. More and more companies continue to dabble in cryptocurrencies. This development from Yahoo Finance should be seen as a trial run for further projects in these assets. If the endeavor proves profitable, then Yahoo could expand its offerings. A deeper trading platform is coming in 2019 at the earliest, so the company wants to succeed here. Unsurprisingly, dozens of other companies are testing out cryptocurrency platforms. Where Do Cryptocurrencies Stand Right Now? Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies remain down for the year with no signs of improvement. A recent decline took the market to new lows, and only slight gains from those lows have been made since then. It remains to be seen where cryptocurrencies will end the year. Nonetheless, the long-term outlook for most major cryptocurrencies remains positive. Nobody knows how long the world will have to wait for values to rise once again, though.