On March 29, Emmanuel Goh, who is a former derivatives trader for JPMorgan Chase and the founder of a cryptocurrency data company called Skew, said that it was unlikely that the price of Bitcoin would reach its former highs any time this year. 2018 was a bad year for digital currencies, especially in November when all the top currencies fell by double-digit amounts. It was then that Bitcoin first fell below $5,600. Though this does not mean that trading in cryptocurrencies has been stagnant. The daily volume in the options market has increased by 100% during the first few months of 2019. Cryptocurrency options allow traders to speculate on whether the price of a currency will attain a certain level by a certain date. Option prices can therefore provide an indication of where prices are going. Goh said that, based on current option prices, there is only a 5% likelihood that the price of Bitcoin will reach 10,000 by September. This is because a September-expiring call option at a $10,000 Bitcoin price currently has what is called a 5 delta. Goh noted that there is even a $20,000 call option available that was expiring in June, but its probability of success is zero. He added that the option was likely created in 2018 when traders were still bullish on Bitcoin. Though not all cryptocurrency experts are as bearish as Goh. Arthur Hayes, who is a co-founder and CEO of a digital currency trading platform called BitMEX, is decided bullish on Bitcoin even in the near term. He believes that the leading cryptocurrency will reach $10,000 sometime in 2019. He has not even given up on the possibility that it could return to $20,000. Tom Draper, who is a well known venture capitalist and billionaire, has been even more bullish on Bitcoin. Even during last year's steep decline in value, Draper insisted that Bitcoin would reach an unfathomable $250,000 within just a few years. Draper is still bullish on the industry. Just recently, he indicated that within 5 years all fiat currencies will become obsolete and that their use would literally be laughable.