After a period of relative stability and bullish momentum, Bitcoin investors are once again left to deal with a massive selloff sparked by active day traders reaping profits. Seasoned cryptocurrency investors had seen this coming, and this explains why altcoins such as Fetch, which trades under the FET symbol, has been posting gains of up to 60% over the last few days.

Fetch is a blockchain protocol that takes smart contracts and distributed ledgers to the next level by means of real-world applications that are not necessarily tied to currency tokens, but that are still related to the burgeoning digital economy. This project takes advantage of emerging artificial intelligence technologies in order to complete transactions.

Investors who have been loading up on FET tokens like the fundamental updates provided by the core development team. For example, a recent press release explained how a smart Fetch agent running on a Tesla EV interacted with a scooter rental service so that the driver could seamlessly pay for the use of the scooter.

As the project goes through the final phases of its development process and its core team builds up a strong customer base, Fetch.AI will have a number of use cases that would prove appealing to both regular consumers and businesses. The goal of Fetch is to make it easier to complete everyday transactions and move from the archaic payment methods to a more convenient and secure means of payment.

It is not surprising to learn that crypto investors like Fetch; in fact, many of them are already inquiring with company principals about the possibility of an initial public offering on Wall Street. The team behind Fetch has a number of other high-potential projects that are in the works and will benefit from their expertise and connections to industry giants like BMW and Mercedes; it should be noted that automakers are just an example of what the Fetch business development team intends to pursue. Fetch.AI and its founders are all veterans of big-name tech companies and venture capital firms who have come together to bring crypto to the mainstream and bring blockchain technology to real-world usage such as the aforementioned Tesla interaction with a digital economy company.