Christopher Bania, a person recently charged with drug distribution, has pleated guilty to the crime. The United States court that processed the case forced Bania to give up the nearly 17 Bitcoin that he owned. As of October 27, the value of the Bitcoin was around $150,000.

The court order came on October 19. It states that Bania will have to forfeit about 16.91880054 Bitcoin that were seized from his Local Bitcoins account. The worth is around $153,100 as of October 27. It is a lot less than the 124 Bitcoin that the court ordered returned to the defendant, which was taken along with other cryptocurrencies and more than $50,000 USD of cash collected from his residence when he was arrested.

Bania was originally charged wit other crimes, which included money laundering, importing controlled substances and owning and maintaining a drug property. His guilty plea on September 6 was to the charge of possessing controlled substances with the intent to distribute them. That crime has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

In his guilty plea, Bania admits to selling marijuana, MDMA, LSD and cocaine via the dark web. He denied the distribution of methamphetamines, heroin and a different cocaine base that the detectives found in his residence. The United States Border Patrol was the agency that initiated the investigation into his dealings. They started their investigation after they intercepted two parcels from Belgium that contained MDMA. The investigation team was able to trace Bania's use of distribution networks for drugs via the dark web because of the transaction notebooks he kept. The court stated that his ledgers were meticulous.

Bania's sentence will be delivered on December 9. There have been some other dark web prosecutions in the USA. A couple in California recently pleaded guilty to charges similar to Bania's. Around the end of July, a man residing in Florida admitted that he had been running a large opioid distribution network through the dark web. He got a fine of more than $4 million. Prosecutors expect that more drug distribution crimes through the dark web will be uncovered.