ConsenSys, which is a blockchain company based in New York City, is seeking $200 million in investments. A technology social media outlet reported this information from the firm's investors on April 15. Sources who are familiar with the company explain that ConsenSys is attempting to attract outside investors in order to raise $200 million. The executives at ConsenSys have reportedly already talked to investors located in Hong Kong and South Korea. As of early April, the executive leadership at ConsenSys has not yet found a lead investor or investment firm for the project.

The source that initially released this information cited fundraising documents as its proof in this matter. Those documents revealed that ConsenSys closed the 2018 calendar year with only $21 million in revenue. That revenue was mostly from its business in Enterprise consulting services. According to those financial and fundraising documents, ConsenSys expects that its revenue for 2019 will exceed $50 million. That increase in revenue is expected to be due to a doubling of its service business. The firm expects $40 million to be from service delivery.

In the fundraising documents, ConsenSys revealed that it has a considerable share in the other blockchain companies that it has incubated over the years. The company has reportedly been looking for a valuation of around $1 billion. Technology analysts believe that this amount is too high, given the firm's 2018 revenue and difficulty with finding investors for its projects.

During December 2018, some anonymous sources reported that ConsenSys could lay off up to 60 percent of its workers. This expectation is due to the fact that blockchain space is currently crowded. ConsenSys has also been spinning off a lot of startups without financial support. In January 2019, ConsenSys's Vanessa Grellet explained that the actual layoffs were around 13 percent of their staff. When she was asked about the reported signs of crisis in the blockchain industry and the lack of investments and delivery on the part of ConsenSys, Grellet stated that the firm has seen a lot of interest in its development blockchain technology and its range of Enterprise services.