The crypto-currency world, spearheaded by pioneer platform Bitcoin, has unfortunately seen better days. After spiking to an estimated $20,000 per unit, Bitcoin has settled down to a more modest $6,000. Currencies similar to BitCoin have followed suit, prompting the question: Is this the end of crypto-currency as we know it? The short answer is "no". In recent times, small recoveries in the top 10 most popular forms of Coin have prompted experts to hypothesize that it may not yet be time to turn in the metaphorical towel. Particularly strong resurgences in individual currencies have been detailed in the list below:1. BITCOIN As the godfather of this crypto-currency mess, BitCoin has quite a bit of fight left in it. At the time of press, BitCoin had been quoted at a 0.17% increase within a static period of 24 hours. This bodes well for the OG Coin, as it is showing positive signs of life amid a particularly turbulent stretch of market. Only time will tell whether BitCoin will continue its upward pattern or fall victim to the unpredictable pattern that has preceded it.2. ETHEREUM Ether is not quite the spawn of BitCoin, but not quite its contemporary either. Ether found itself trading at $439, making it a positive jump to match its counterpart. Ether's 24 hour jump was a marginally better 0.36%, more than double the jump of BitCoin. Ether has proven itself time and time again to be a healthy alternative to BitCoin, but only time will tell as to whether it is truly a competitive race between two separate crypto-currency super powers on equal footing.3. TRON TRON, a crypto-currency which brings to mind visions of a digital Atari wasteland, has been quietly doing its thing in the background. TRON is fresh off a complete relocation to an independent public block chain, and was still a relatively untested quantity before that. Nevertheless, TRON found itself 0.28% up at the end of its own respective 24 hour period, putting it directly between the two warring crypto-currency behemoths known as BitCoin and Ethereum