On May 31, Coinroom, which was a digital currency exchange located in Poland, reportedly not only ceased operations but did so while absconding with a significant amount of funds that belonged to their customers.

According to a report from a Polish financial website, Coinroom — which began operating sometime in 2016 — shut down its operations back in April. This supposedly occurred overnight, and the owners are said to have taken a large portion of the digital funds that had been stored there. A number of users have stated that they have lost as much as 60,000 zloty, which is a little less than $16,000.

Users say that the exchange sent them an email just before it closed announcing the impending closure. It further gave these users only one day to withdraw their funds. However, while a number of users were able to get part of their money back, the majority of users lost all funds that were in their accounts.

One frustrated user, after not receiving any email reply for two days, went to the company's office in person to demand answers. Though the receptionist there refused to allow this person to enter the premises, and, in spite of promises that they would get back to this person, they have since failed to do so.

Łukasz Łapczyński, who is a spokesperson for Warsaw's District Prosecutor's Office, has stated that they have begun proceedings against the exchange in relation to what has happened. They are further looking to see if there any additional victims.

Not only has the exchange's Twitter account been deleted, but no longer are they listed in a popular cryptocurrency exchange index.

This is the second major case of organized cryptocurrency theft in the past month. Just a few weeks ago, a pair of blockchain companies called JoyToken and RepuX committed what is commonly referred to as an initial coin offering (ICO) exit scam. In total, the two companies stole $8 million from those who participated in an ICO that turned out to be completely fraudulent.