Investors Questioning Whether Bears or Bulls Are at Work Less than two weeks after reaching its all-time high — a whopping $67,000 — BTC has once again slid down. Although it's not much of a correction, this fluctuation seems to indicate that there are some in the market who are not optimistic about Bitcoin skyrocketing in the near future. Of course, Bitcoin has faced an unbelievably harsh set of factors within the past couple of months. With China finally issuing a blanket ban on everything crypto, many BTC holders in Asia have been forced to sell off their assets or restructure them in a way that doesn't overtly break the law.

Regulations: an Interesting Time in the Market One of the reasons for all of the recent uncertainty is the fact that Americans also aren't very sure about the future of crypto in the U.S. While states like Pennsylvania and Ohio seem to be doing their best to welcome mining operations and Texas is also actively working to attract the crypto community, all of the progress could be stopped in an instant if regulators crack down on either mining or trading. Meanwhile, Coinbase is topping the charts as one of the most downloaded apps recently.

Keeping an Eye on the 25% Delta Skew and Derivatives There's never been a more exciting time to become involved with BTC futures. In fact, many believe that futures are responsible for the way the market has been moving in general lately. No matter what the case may be, one can understand a lot about how things are going by looking at the delta skew. If it indicates positivity, then one can assume that there is a decent amount of fear in the market. Conversely, a bullish market is indicated by a delta skew that is headed in a negative direction. These days, there is a wealth of analytical resources available for those who want to prognosticate about future outcomes.