On August 23, Blockchain announced that it will now let its users make Bitcoin payments for products and services through BitPay's online network, using the company's wallet app. What's more, users can make these payments without having to divulge their Bitcoin private keys to any third party. They only have to either scan or copy an invoice before completing the payment using their Blockchain Wallet.

Among the many stores the service is available include:

Amazon Delta Airlines Google Play Hotels.com Newegg Microsoft Dish TV
In operation since 2011, BitPay is considered to be among the world's biggest processors of digital currency payments. It is available at many online stores, and it is said to have processed close to $3 billion in payments since it was launched.

BitPay made news recently when an unnamed individual was unable to use it to make a large charitable donation. This person attempted to send $100,000 in Bitcoin to Amazon Watch, which is an organization that supports both the rain forests in the Amazon region as well as the native people who live there. BitPay reportedly blocked the donation because the amount exceeded the maximum amount Amazon Watch agreed it would accept in digital currencies. The company further said it would process the donation if Amazon Watch changed this limit by sending the company all required documentation.

In a related story, a digital currency payment startup named Pundi X announced that it would expand into the trouble nation of Venezuela. The company is partnering with a local retail chain called Traki, which will use the company's XPOS digital currency payment processors within its nearly 50 locations. Digital currencies have become quite popular in the country as it struggles with rampant inflation. The country has even developed its very own cryptocurrency to try alleviate its severe financial problems.