In an announcement made on October 21, the Associated Press publicly released their plans to launch a Chainlink node for news use. The director for AP's cryptocurrency initiative spoke about the Associated Press' decision and the reasoning behind the plans.

What Information Will the Associated Press Provide On the Blockchain?

The Associated Press expects the presence of its data on-chain to allow for new levels of innovation from smart contract developers. AP plans to release sports, race call, and economic data on the Chainlink blockchain. The news agency anticipates that access to their data will make the information essentially compatible with a variety of other blockchain technologies.

The Reasoning Behind the Decision

The Associated Press cited, "trust," as their main reason for the decision. By integrating their information with blockchain technology, the AP hopes to provide a publicly accessible, free as in freedom, verified record of news and journalism. The news agency noted that it plans to continue monitoring the pulse of the cryptocurrency and working with developers to determine the direction of further blockchain integration.

Another Move Toward Crypto by the Associated Press

The AP is no stranger to blockchain technology. In 2018, the Associated Press partnered with crypto journalism start-up Civil in hopes of providing new security for intellectual property rights and combat censorship. The news agency also provided the results of the 2020 presidential election on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains.

The announcement by the Associated Press is just one of many similar press releases. Major companies have been making significant developmemts in the crypto scene for most of the year. The development offers many useful safeguards to ensure the free flow of information is maintained. Journalism is expected to change dramatically with the introduction of blockchain technology, so this announcement may have implications for the broader cryptocurrency market.