There is a lot of potential for growth and opportunity in the area of decentralized finance, explains the CEO of HyperChain Capita. Its CEO is Stelian Balta. They were quoted as saying that decentralized finance, also called DeFi, has a huge opportunity for growth. They also said that digital currencies and blockchain are being explored by the company with a lot of interest. HyperChain Capital is a digital assets management company.

Stelian Balta believes that decentralized finance has a big opportunity to grow in both the short-term and long-term spaces. They remarked that one of the big firms in decentralized finance, the Kyber Network, just reached $1 billion in total trade volume. The current market cap on the project is more than $300 million. Stelian Balta thinks this is a low valuation of what it is really worth. Stelian Balta also stated that the best platform or building blockchain games is using EOSIO and related technology.

Some of the games using it include Topps trading cards. It produces trading cards for Major League Baseball, WWE and Garbage Pail Kids. Stelian Balta is a firm believer that there is a lot of potential in the decentralized finance network for blockchain games. The proof is where they put their money and where they will continue to invest. Stelian Balta also talked about an inflation hedge, such as Bitcoin. Putting Bitcoin in a portfolio could lower the risk of losses on other currencies. He said that he is a bull on the long-term results of the cryptocurrency market.

Stelian Balta also takes a bull position on decentralized finance. That is why his firm keeps on investing, improving and building upon the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. HyperChain is based in Singapore. It focuses on investments in blockchain projects that have a decentralized process. It recently invested $2 million in Fantom. It is a top holder of Tezoz coins Decentralized finance for Kyber has taken place over several projects in 2020. Those include Incognito, which is a privacy-based blockchain. It has a privacy feature that makes use of the Kyber Network of blockchain and digital coins.