In a recent interview, Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf stated that he believes Blockchain technology will be able to curb the power of Silicon Valley's top players. Speaking to a Swiss business newspaper, Behlendorf said that as there's a lot of Silicon Valley companies who want to be the center of the world at the same time, yet aren't paying much attention to Blockchain, the upcoming wave of technology won't be shaped by them. He thinks that today's tech giants, including Amazon, Facebook and Google will eventually realize the potential that Blockchain has and use it to create new business models. However, as Blockchain technology is decentralized at its core, it has the ability to diminish the market power of current tech giants. Even though the cryptocurrency boom is responsible for the attention that Blockchain technology has been receiving lately, Behlendorf has clarified that Hyperledger is solely focused on developing Blockchain technology and that his company isn't interested in the cryptocurrency market or the investment opportunities it provides. He went on to add that projects applying Blockchain technology to test supply chains aren't being given the attention they deserve. A recent study made available by Juniper Research gives the impression that multinational tech companies are planning to integrate Blockchain technologies in their businesses soon. The study shows that 6 out of 10 tech giants are thinking of adopting the technology or have actually started working on their own Blockchain services. In May, social media giant Facebook put together a "Blockchain Exploratory Committee" under the leadership of David Marcus, one of Coinbase's board members. The purpose of the team is to explore the most effective ways to leverage Blockchain throughout Facebook, starting from the ground up. Microsoft has already taken things one step further. Last month, Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform has announced the release of their Blockchain app creation service called Azure Blockchain Workbench. The service is designed to help speed up Blockchain app creation by giving developers a way to automate infrastructure setup.