These days, the world of technology has been buzzing with the advent of several new technologies that have been introduced fairly recently. One of these new technologies, as most people have heard, is blockchain. Although the news cycle tends to focus on cryptocurrency when the topic is blockchain, the fact is that blockchain technology has so much more to offer the world than most realize. Finally, there's a legitimate way to store public ledgers that cannot be altered to suit the needs of others. However, blockchain technology on its own isn't enough to completely transform the world. In order for it to be used properly, there needs to be a system that allows for it to be incorporated the right way. With 5G technology now expanding into the world, the confluence of the two factors may lead to an extraordinary amount of change within a very short time period. People often talk about creating and building up smart cities, but we haven't truly had access to the appropriate technology—until now. Finally, with 5G and blockchain coming to the forefront at the same time, people have been blessed with a path that might be able to offer a viable way forward. Driverless vehicles and sustainable smart homes will likely become a reality due to the connection between superfast 5G networks and blockchain. Suddenly, the IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming something that will be more of a convenience than a hassle. Blockchain technology can go a long way towards preventing the kind of issues that have caused DDOS attacks in the past. Since these types of attacks were one of the main obstacles in the way of allowing the IoT to truly take off, the future now seems a great deal brighter. With 5G coverage, issues such as low node participation will be addressed. With more people able to participate, the advantages of decentralization will be seen very clearly. Although 5G coverage isn't yet available everywhere, more and more cities are coming online with each passing day. Many believe that 2020 will be the year when everything truly takes off.