On June 1, Block.one, which is the parent company of Eos, announced in a press release that they have launched a social media platform called Voice that utilizes blockchain technology.

According to the press release, Voice uses the Eos blockchain, and because of this it will disclose exactly how the platform operates. The means that users of the platform will not have to deal with a whole host of issues that exist on other social media platforms, such as content pushing and hidden algorithms.

Brendan Blumer, who is the CEO of Block.one, says that the big difference between Voice and other social media platforms is that the latter uses their users, by controlling their both their content and their data. He went on to stay that these things are very valuable, but on traditional social media platforms only the platforms themselves benefit from them. Blumer believes that Voice will change this paradigm completely.

Block.one has been quite busy of late in expanding its offerings, often in cooperation with other industry leaders. It just joined the Earn program that was created by Coinbase, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in North America. This program pays its users to learn about cryptocurrencies. In exchange for taking various online courses, the program pays users a small amount of digital currency related to what they are learning.

Eos has also recently formed a partnership with Tether, which is a company that is behind a popular stablecoin that is pegged to U.S. dollars. The deal has allowed Tether to run on the Eos blockchain. It has been reported that Eos' proof-of-stake paradigm will make Tether better suited for microtransactions.

In other cryptocurrency-related social media platform news, a recently completed study has indicated that a digital currency being developed by Facebook will face significant obstacles. The authors of the study believe that the currency, which will be called Globalcoin and will be used for making payments on the platform, will likely face resistance from Facebook's steadily aging user base.