This holiday season, giving Bitcoin as presents can be as easy as installing Cash App on your smartphone. Thanks to a new partnership between digital payments company Block, which used to do business as Square, Cash App users will be able to obtain and transfer Bitcoin in amounts as low as $1. In addition to BTC, the app will also handle other digital currencies such as Ethereum and Doge Coin.

Bitcoin is known for its volatility during the holiday season; this year is not expected to be an exception, but executives at Block and Cash App want to let people know that it is never a bad time to start investing in cryptocurrencies. The executives also stated that the partnership with Block will only help bring a new wave of mainstream adoption and consumer awareness to digital currency.

Square has made it known that it intends to be a major player in the cryptocurrency space by changing its name to Block. This is the second time Block has partnered with a mobile app; the first was with the popular peer-to-peer file sharing app called ShareSquare, which was bought out by Block. It appears the strategy is to partner with a wide range of companies, even if the focus may change.

At the intersection of commerce and digital asset, Cash App is a popular app that can be used to send, receive, and convert money in a number of different ways. One of those ways now includes being able to obtain and transfer Bitcoin.

Cash App has a growing number of users each month, but it isn’t the most familiar app in the cryptocurrency space. The addition of Bitcoin, Doge Coin and Ethereum can bring the most well-known form of digital currency to an even wider audience. The addition of a new way to purchase and sell digital currency has come as a surprise to those who use the app. Cash App didn’t announce its new partnership with Block at the Cash App Crypto Summit that was held on December 8th; however, a Twitter update announcing this development quickly went viral this week.