The logo and name of Bitcoin have been trademarked in Spain. The Patent and Trademark Office of Spain handled this process. It was completed by Mr. Rubio Menéndez, who works as a compliance expert and attorney. His specialty of law is business. A representative of the firm stated that they now have the logo and the word "Bitcoin" registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. Anybody can see the records. The office publishes those records every day and for all audiences.

A few members of the media wanted to know why this individual protected the intellectual property for himself. He said that he is not a salesman for Bitcoin. He has a purchasing and selling office. The point of his process was to protect Bitcoin in Spain. He thought that if he stood for the Bitcoin brand and took responsibility, any user would feel 100 percent confident about the security of working with him. He hopes that people will choose to invest with him and know that he is not trying to scam them. The person noted that there are a lot of scams associated with the word "Bitcoin."

In the filing, the logo containing a white letter "B" inside of an orange circle is the official logo of Bitcoin. He clarified that the text has an uppercase B, which refers to the code. The lowercase b refers to the cryptocurrency. He went on to say that it gives him protection for his business and his brand. If any individual or any company at the federal level wants to misuse the design that everyone knows is associated with Bitcoin or the term Bitcoin, he will be able to file a claim of misuse for his registered brand.

The man went on to say that he is not a fake Satoshi. He formalized the ownership and correct use of the logo and the word Bitcoin. If he discovers anyone using it incorrectly, he will defend his patent. Although the goal is to prevent the misuse of the logo and word, it is not clear as to whether Bitcoin itself is aware.