This is where the digital coins landed for values on the week ending September 27, 2019.

BTC/USD The closing value of BTC was lower than the 200 day SMA on September 26. This was the first time since April 2 that this happened.

ETH/USD As of UTC time, ETH had its value above the critical point of $163.755. It has held for three days. This shows a big demand at lower levels. This could be a sign of a bull market for ETH.

XRP/USD The trading value of XRP has been $0.24508 for a couple of days. The bears have not managed to drop it, and there has been demand at these low levels. There could be a big round of selling soon. Analysts are waiting to see if it falls to $.19 or less.

BCH/USD Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a slow drop of value. This is probably due to a lack of interested buyers. There could be a drop again before there is any relief for trading values. If bulls can get the value up to $300, then it might go $360.

LTC/USD Litecoin (LTC) had a bit of a rebound, going to $49.3305 on September 26. This is a good sign because it shows a demand for the coin at good prices. The target high price for it is $58. If it goes down to $30, the bears could be back.

EOS/USD EOS has held steady for a few days. It might be oversold. The target price is $3.15 at the upper level. If it drops to $2.20, the bears might be back.

BNB/USD BNB is sliding lower. It is oversold. There is a lack of buyers at low levels. It might get up to $18.10, but investors say that there is a low chance of this.

BSV/USD This is struggling. It could drop more. It is predicted to drop to $48.64 soon.

XLM/USD This might go up. Its value is around $0.07.

LEO/USD This coin is falling. It is around $1.04. It could go to $.80.