Now that the Bitcoin rally has materialized beyond the $10,000 target price established earlier this year, cryptocurrency traders are paying close attention to other tokens worth investing in. The digital currency market in 2019 is showing signs of high volume trading and interest by new investors, particularly now that social networking giant Facebook is moving forward with its Libra cryptocurrency project. With this in mind, here is a look at recent pricing action and forecasts:


The exponential moving average for BTC/USD suggests that this currency pair will likely continue appreciating over the next few weeks. While there is a possibility of dips falling below the $9,000 mark, the current bullish sentiment could result in BTC/USD touching the $12,000 level again before traders take profits. Fundamentals have been lacking for this token, which means that traders are mostly taking positions based on technical analysis.


ETH/USD has been experiencing volatility, which probably emanates from the BTC/USD rally. Stability at the $350 level is something that many traders would like to see, but reality suggests that a trip down towards $225 is more likely.


The digital currency with the greatest circulation and best business model has not reached the $0.50 target price this year, and it is unclear whether it will be able to do so over the next few weeks. The XRP/USD pricing range for the rest of July is believed to fall between $0.27 and $0.35; however, the Ripple Labs business development team is working on various projects that could bring about positive fundamental analysis.


Whenever a BTC/USD rally takes place, LTC traders jump back into the market. This time around, LTC/USD pushed the currency pair over the $100 mark all the way to $140, but few forecasters believe that this situation will be seen again in July. Should LTC/USD reach $120 again this year, the target price of $140 will probably be reached very quickly.

Bitcoin Cash

After a volatile year of trading in 2018, BCH/USD has experienced a few months of stability. There is a business development behind BCH, but its members have not been as successful as XPR. Pricing range for this token is currently between $227 and $325.