On November 15, there was a hard fork of popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, with 3 rivals (BCH ABC, BHC SV and BHC Unlimited) offering competing protocols. So far, BCH ABC is winning. Bitcoin Cash itself was a hard fork of Bitcoin. It split from the world's most popular digital currency in August of last year over arguments over the currency's future. Many in the Bitcoin community, such as Roger Ver, wanted to increase block size, in order to make the currency more suitable for transactions. Two times a year Bitcoin Cash has scheduled hard forks, so as to upgrade protocols. But, before the latest fork, 3 alternative protocols decided to battle for supremacy. BCH ABC is the most conservative alternative. Supported by Ver, cryptocurrency mining titan Bitmain and currency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance, it is not a radical departure from the previous Bitcoin Cash protocol. BCH SV represents a more radical change. Supported by Craig Wright as well as CoinGeek, Bitcoin.org and CalvinAyre, it hopes to increase Bitcoin Cash block sizes from 32 MB to as high as 128 MB, to increase both network capacity and scalability. The third protocol, BCH Unlimited, represents a compromise between the two and offers the possibility of interchangeability between the other protocols. When the fork occurred, Jihan Wu — who is a co-founder of Bitmain — threw the weight of his considerable mining capabilities behind BCH ABC, away from Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin.com, which is Ver's mining pool, also temporarily shifted resources from Bitcoin mining to BCH ABC mining. At the same time, Wright announced that the competition between the two protocols would continue until one completely dies. Right now, BCH ABC is a few blocks ahead of BCH SV, though the latter had earlier briefly taken the lead. The hash rates of the two protocols are further nearly identical, but BCH ABC has completed 50% more proof-of-work than its rival. While Binance is providing trading for both protocols under separate tickers, 10 of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges — including Coinbase and Kraken — have already effectively called BCH ABC the winner by assigning the BCH ticker to BCH ABC.