On Tuesday, November 12, most of the cryptocurrency markets were showing sideways trading. Most of the price changes for the day did not exceed 1 percent for the top 20 coins. Bitcoin traded sideways for nearly all of the day. It kept circling the $8,800 price point. As the largest cryptocurrency in the world, it had a low of $8,705 for the day and moved up to $8,750. It had a total price gain of 0.27 percent on the day.

Bitcoin keeps struggling to hold onto its current price point. Traders are wondering if it could drop more, to around $8,400. A few well-known traders and leaders think that Bitcoin could move past the market cap of gold. A few analysts have rather high expectations of the potential value of Bitcoin.

As for Ether, it is trading around $186 per coin. It had a small dip that was in line with Bitcoin's. Its drop was 0.1 percent for the day. An industry analyst reported that a breakout price point of $197.75 could signal a positive move that will yield a further price increase up to about $224 per coin, possibly even $235.70 per coin. However, if there is a bear price signal, it could drop to $173.84 nd then again down to $151 to $161.

XRP, which is the third largest digital coin when comparing values by market capitalization, is trading for now at $0.271 per coin. This was a drop of 1.44 percent for the day. At a recent industry conference, the CEO of XRP said that he does not spend much time thinking about the coin's short-term pricing.

Nearly all of the coins had sideways trading, with the majority of them seeing shifts in value of less than 1 percent in either the positive or the negative direction. The one exception was NEO, which gained more than 10 percent in 24 hours. Chainlink had a 3.29 percent daily gain. Cosmos lost about 4 percent of its value. As of the close of November 12, the total cryptocurrency market cap was $240 billion, and Bitcoin made up 66 percent.