Supporters of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency are accusing a popular website of misleading buyers in an effort to drive sales of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). A lawsuit has been threatened against by individuals who feel the website is purposely misusing ticker symbols and graphics to drive up sales of BCH.

On April 27, 2018, a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts launched The new website is being used to rally those who feel has duped visitors. Individuals may register as claimants on the new website, and those who wish can make donations that will fund the lawsuit.

Bitcoin Cash is a digital token that is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. It made its debut in August of 2017, and since that time the token has struggled to compete for market share with its predecessor. The expectations for BCH have largely remained unfulfilled, yet some major players in the cryptocurrency market stand behind the new token. Among these proponents is Roger Ver, the man behind and a large Bitcoin investor.

Those who claim is misleading its visitors appear to believe that Ver has a vested interest in the success of Bitcoin Cash. Some have even gone so far as to accuse Ver of fraud. Erik Voorhees, another well-known Bitcoin investor, called Ver out on Twitter for claiming that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash were essentially the same digital asset.

The hard fork of 2017 which created BCH has been muddied from the outset, with many investors unsure of the distinction between the two tokens. At least one government institution in the United States has mistakenly reported that Bitcoin Cash is the original token and that Bitcoin is the fork.

A Telegram group has also been established for those who wish to become involved in a potential lawsuit against Ver and his website.