The United States dollar lost approximately 7% of its value in 2020. Conversely, Bitcoin enjoyed a 300% increase in its value during the same period of time. Companies might have to diversify and include Bitcoin or other options in their asset bases if they're going to keep up and grow their income with passive options.

Ark Invest released a report that even if companies invested 1% of their assets in Bitcoin, the digital asset's value would likely rise to $40,000. Analysts think that if companies invested 2.5% to 6.5% of their assets in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin's price could go to the $200,000 to $500,000 range.

Alt coins are also benefiting from the Bitcoin surge. The BAND price went from $7.1532 on January 22 to $12.949 on February 2. This is an 81% increase. Before the rally, BAND was stuck around $7 to $11.50. Further movement is on the side of the bulls. There is resistance around $16.01 and $17.78.

Transaction fees are luring people to Loopring. It is one of the ways the Redditors stymied the hedge fund operators with Game Stop stocks last week. Its value ranged from a one-day low of $0.33651 on January 22 to a same-day high at $0.57618 on January 31. This was a 71% increase. Bulls are in control here, too.

CREAM is a peer-to-peer lending platform. It has a protocol-to-protocol mechanism. It recently added Sushi Swap and Uni Swap tokens to its borrowing and lending options. The CREAM token went from $119.35 on January 22 to $319.90 on February 2, which was a 168% increase. Analysts think that it can get to $294.80. The next resistance is around $362. If the bears push CREAM back, it could settle at a level around $209.

Investors should remember that the market has gone on a wild ride the past few weeks. The hedge fund operators got surprised and were beat at their own game by a team of retail investors. The retail investors may have have set their sights on a new target, but the pros should not overlook them in the short-term or long-term.