On June 8, the majority of the top digital currencies suffered mild declines. This includes the leading digital currency Bitcoin, which fell a bit below $7,900.

For the day, Bitcoin was down almost 3%, with the currency trading now at about $7,870. For the week, the cryptocurrency is down by more than 8%.

At the moment, Ethereum is continuing to hold its position as the second most valuable digital currency. Its market capitalization is currently a little less than $26 billion. In third place is Ripple, whose market value is right now a little more than $17 billion.

For the day, Ethereum has lost around 3.5% of its value while trading at a little less than $245. For the week, it has lost a little more than 8.5% of its value. As for Ripple, it is down about 4% for the day while trading at around $0.41, and for the week it has lost about 5% of its value.

The biggest loser for the day among the top 20 digital currencies is Tezos, which has lost more than 8% of its value during the last 24 hours.

Currently, the market value of all digital currencies is a bit more than $250 billion. This represents a decline for the week of a little more than 7%.

In other cryptocurrency news, it is being reported that Facebook on June 18 will issue a white paper relating to its much anticipated digital currency.

Also, Weiss Ratings has announced that it was downgrading the rating of the EOS digital currency. According to the financial research company, there are "serious problems" with the way the currency deals with centralization. EOS is at the moment the 6th largest digital currency, trading now at a little less than $6.30, which means that it has lost more than 6% of its value for the day.

Finally, it is being reported that nearly 75% of cryptocurrency mining is now utilizing renewable energy.