Bitcoin traders were filled with excitement as the final trading week in November started off with a push above $58K, and this has fueled speculation about the world's most valuable digital currency returning to a $60K trading level before December 1. The bull run was short lived, as the price of BTC has failed to climb back up to the level of $63,000 many had previously expected. Instead, the top coin once again slipped below the level of $58,000 after a massive sell-off that wiped out $2,000 in value.

In the wake of the selling pressure, some market experts began to question whether Bitcoin is, indeed, a viable currency option in the future. At the same time, some have argued that the drop in price should not be interpreted as an opportunity to enter the market. The digital currency market has been experiencing a significant drop in both demand and value over the last few weeks, but active traders are closely following the Bitcoin ETFs on Wall Street, and many of them think that $60K is not far-fetched over the next couple of days.

It may still be a bit early to talk about the potential for a Santa Claus rally on the cryptocurrency markets, but as one market analyst says: Bitcoin is showing considerable promise at a time when institutional investors are reeling from reports about the Omicron coronavirus variant being detected in various countries around the world. Should the Omicron strain prove to be less dangerous and contagious than previous variants, the potential of a Santa Claus rally will certainly improve.

The cryptocurrency market is in the midst of a massive sell-off that could possibly lead to a long-term correction, but this does not necessarily mean that all hope is lost for Bitcoin. The current trends in the cryptocurrency market do not support the narrative that Bitcoin is a bad investment. What is happening may be the culmination of many years of hype that has now given way to market realities, but even if the market falls another 20 percent, it will still be worth many times what it is today.