Seasoned cryptocurrency investors who are active traders will tell you that the market of digital currencies is extremely dynamic. With the exception of Bitcoin, you cannot expect a single token to dominate the market every week, which is why we bring you the following trading options for December, a month that many investors believe will end with a nice a Santa Claus rally:


With a trading range that has fluctuated between $3,900 and $4,868 in recent days, Ethereum looks like it could hold the upper limit of the range as we get closer to the holidays. The Ethereum trading pair against Bitcoin in December seems like a logical choice, with the top 25 cryptocurrencies on the market showing an average increase in price of about 40% in the past 30 days. It also seems like the most sensible pairing for investors who prefer to trade against Bitcoin as their trading base currency. This allows them to enjoy the current rally against the U.S. dollar without worrying about having a strong USD price.

Bitcoin Cash

The market for Bitcoin Cash has traditionally offered a major trading volume in December. If the price continues to rise against the US dollar, this pairing could see the price of Bitcoin Cash surpassing Ethereum, with an average increase in price of about 50%. We do not expect a major shift in the position of the leading cryptocurrency, since there is little news from the Bitcoin Cash chain. One of the most important news that was announced about Bitcoin Cash was the release of an update to the Bitcoin Cash client, which should allow the digital currency to run faster and more efficiently.


EOS is a token issued on a blockchain system that is well-positioned to provide high-performance computing. EOS is also a coin with a very low market capitalization, so investors who find this pairing attractive can quickly become involved in a very active market. The fundamentals of the EOS token do not reflect how much this blockchain project has progressed over the last few years; however, some institutional investors are beginning to discover this token, which should help in terms of price appreciation.