Indecision is the one word we could be used to describe the current sentiment among Bitcoin traders who are either sitting on the sidelines or failing to commit to a long position on the market. Left with nothing but technical analysis to guide their decision-making process, they are not sure how to proceed, and their lack of commitment keeps Bitcoin prices in a bearish mode.

This indecisiveness is not so much of an issue for the crypto community as such, who seem to be mostly of the mindset that volatility is good in a nascent market that has only just begun. Indeed, a recent Tweet from a major cryptocurrency investor and CEO of a digital asset exchange summed it up best when he mentioned the issue of high volatility in the markets.

Traders looking for price stability are better off not taking crypto positions at all. The general sentiment seems to be that it's not a question of which way to bet, but more of a question of how long one should stay on the sidelines. So, while there is nothing that is definitively wrong, or a clear sign that a move to the downside is imminent, many industry observers believe that the crypto markets are going to see some sort of pullback, and that a correction of 20% to 50% is expected before anything happens in the market that makes them run.

For those investors who believe in the inevitability of a price increase, there are a number of major developments across all aspects of the cryptocurrency markets that have the potential to move the needle. The biggest of these, of course, is the more comfortable hash rate caused by the crackdown by Chinese financial regulators on mining operations. After all, if you’re a miner, it’s in your own best interest to support code upgrades that facilitate network adoption outside of unfriendly jurisdictions such as China.

There needs to be an essential force for change in the cryptocurrency market with regard to Bitcoin, and it should be a fundamental improvement that could ultimately lead to a change in the way that the crypto industry is built.