As Miami seems destined to become a new hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency development, other major cities across the United States are vying for the title of being the most accommodating in terms of digital currency circulation. Curtis Sliwa, the former leader of the controversial Guardian Angels, is currently running for Mayor of New York City, and he plans on rolling out cryptocurrency incentives if elected.

In addition to being home to Wall Street, the financial center of the world, New York City has also earned the reputation for being one of the biggest markets for digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies were traded for a staggering $400 million in one week and $7 billion in 2017, and many of these transactions were made by hedge funds with offices in Manhattan.

The city has also hosted the New York Bitcoin Center, a popular destination for digital currency enthusiasts. It even has its very own Ethereum Blockchain Academy. New York also has an abundance of startups in the digital currency space, with its ecosystem now boasting more than 100 companies. With cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, New York has the potential to become a leading blockchain hub.

Across the East River from Manhattan we find Williamsburg, a Brooklyn district with a hipster atmosphere where tech-savvy residents are known to be very fond of trading Bitcoin and making purchases using digital wallets.

Famous crypto-whale Bobby Lee, who once worked for Coinbase, is attempting to launch a crypto-friendly New York City, and is seeking to become a New York City councilman. Having such council members would very likely help the cause of an incoming Mayor who has crypto ambitions for the Big Apple.

What is interesting and ironic about Curtis Sliwa as a candidate is that he does not accept donations made to his campaign in Bitcoin or other tokens. This is bound to change in the near future, but it should also be noted that Sliwa is running on a conservative Republican platform, which means that he would need to convince voters that he truly believes Bitcoin and other digital currencies will not present a problem for consumers or merchants in terms of volatility.