For all the technological advances driving the pace of cryptocurrency development, having to refresh native or web applications in order to confirm transaction completion feels like a remnant of 20th century computing. For most blockchain networks that support currency tokens, transaction verification is not something that takes place instantly; users typically execute the transaction and come back to their wallets later to check if it has gone through, but they can now receive real-time notifications through the Alchemy Notify system.

Alchemy is a blockchain technology firm focused on providing tools and solutions to developers. The executive board of the company features an impressive group of seasoned business and technology leaders who have noticed that the blockchain development community often gets lost in the more technical aspects of their projects. For this reason, many blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency wallets end up being rather spartan and not mindful of user experience.

With Alchemy Notify, blockchain developers can easily implement smartphone notifications into their apps via an API. Cryptocurrency miners are the first target market in mind for this notification feature; this is a community where members are used to putting together their own solutions in order to stay on top of their transactions. Naturally, end users are the more likely to be benefit from notifications when they make transfers, complete purchases, or receive deposits. Let's not forget that the smart contract functionality of blockchain networks practically begs for mobile notifications; it is not reasonable to expect that users will always return to open applications for the purpose of checking on the status of their transactions.

It may seem incredible to think that push notifications, which have become standard for many mobile applications, are just now becoming a part of the cryptocurrency world. Technology analysts, however, are not completely surprised; in many cases, blockchain developers do not have the public in mind when they create applications. In other development communities such as those dedicated to mobile gaming, user interface and overall experience are always front and center; in fact, issues related to revenue streams and potential profits are discussed around the prospect of being able to take advantage of engagement through user experience.