Avalanche Rush, a decentralized technology (DeFi) platform that provides layers to augment the Ethereum blockchain network, is seeking to expand its operations by means of attracting developers through $180 million worth of incentives. The core development team at Avalanche is also hiring programmers, but executives would like to see what other blockchain developers can bring to the table.

The platform is an innovative decentralized application (DApp) built on top of the Avalanche Protocol, which provides a layer that enables instant issuance and redemption of assets on Ethereum. It currently has over $3 million in tokens under its operations, as reported by Cointelegraph. Specifically, the team is setting up a bounty program, which will reward all projects that create “game-changing” DApps on top of the platform. They are also conducting a series of tests to determine if tokens can be transferred from one Avalanche wallet to another in a way that will forego establishing trust, thus speeding up transactions. Avalanche Rush also stated that the company is launching an explorer layer to see how the platform works in action.

Blockchain-related projects that the team would like to see incl on-chain protocols and implementations, cross-chain communication frameworks and smart contract frameworks. As for data and analytics related projects. Avalanche leaders are interested in new data analytics tools, machine learning, and data storage projects. With regard to user interface and user experience related projects, the door is open to desktop or mobile wallets and other front-end applications. DeFi-related projects would include decentralized exchanges, peer lending, new layers, and others.

The team also wants to recruit blockchain engineers, front-end engineers and more. To be eligible for the program, applications have to be submitted by the end of August. The incentives will be paid out with DeFi tokens already active on Avalanche, which means that developers have an opportunity to maximize profits because this protocol has been enjoying positive fundamental news this year.

It is encouraging to see DeFi projects increase the functionality and efficiency of the Ethereum network at a time when the London upgrade is attracting the attention of new investors, who in turn are also interested in what DeFi can do to improve this dynamic blockchain.